141 Porter Rd Harrisville, PA 16038 Google Map 724-735-4054


                a small farm. 
  Growing fresh, vibrant vegetables, flowers and berries since 2004.
  A mainstay on the local farm scene, Silver Wheel is tucked away on
  a quiet country road in northern Butler County, PA.
  We are a 'natural' farm. Having been Certified Organic and Certified Naturally Grown in past years, we still use all of the same techniques and follow the same moral/ethical standards as before. We use (certified) organic potting soil for starts, save seed or buy untreated, non-GMO seed, use rock powders, cover crops and compost for fertility.
No synthetic pesticides,  herbicides, fungicides. No antibiotics, hormones or GMO for poultry
  We are a craft farm. Our crops are hand-raised with care, attention
  and pride.
  Specializing in:  Local Bouquets, Hops for Homebrew, Baby Ginger

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August 23rd, 2013

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March 11th, 2013

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January 6th, 2013

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