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Farm Volunteer Information

Please read this if you are considering volunteering on our farm.

 Please note that we are no longer participating in the WWOOF-USA volunteer program. We MAY have limited, short-term ( less than 2 weeks) openings for volunteers in 2017. We expect that volunteers wish to learn a particular aspect or skill related to running a small, low-tech farm.  We will ask for 2 references, a phone interview, and possibly a face-to-face interview. Volunteers must have their own transportation. Below is a general description of the farm and farm tasks. Please email Lori at tchfrch@hotmail.com if you wish to discuss volunteering during the 2017 season. Include "FARM VOLUNTEER 2017" in the email subject line.  Please send a cover letter plus resume with references attached.  We can then provide you with more detailed information and will schedule interviews.
    Our property comprises 40 acres on an isolated road, 15 minutes from two towns in western PA. Peaceful country dream; 30 acres of woods with trails, creek, pond. Three acres are in vegetable/herb/berry production to supply farmers markets and a cooperative multi-farm CSA. High tunnels extend the season. We are a small, artisanal farm utilizing a permanent bed system and hand-work combined with organic and biodynamic growing practices. The farmers are  mid-50s vegetarian UU married couple, both professional educators. Fluent French spoken. We work hard and play hard;  kayaking, hiking, and especially sailing are passions. Opportunities for recreation are nearby; swimming, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, climbing.  Please be aware that farmwork involves outdoor activity in the heat, humidity, or rain. If you are out of shape, or do not have physical stamina then this is not the farm for you!  If you are allergic to cats this may not be the farm for you (4 cats). Volunteers are involved in all aspects of planting, weeding, maintaining, harvesting and marketing of the farm produce. Other tasks include caring for poultry, watering greenhouses, saving seeds, preserving produce, composting. Volunteers are housed in a small travel trailer. They have their own full bathroom in the house, kitchen privileges. Meals are taken in the house together. We cook in our solar and earthen ovens as much as possible.  Access to an extensive home library and computer. Large university and small college towns nearby. No children. No winter volunteer work . We are near major interstates(80 & 79).  IF YOU HAVE SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS PLEASE TELL US BEFORE YOUR ARRIVAL (that's just good manners). We appreciate volunteers who will take a turn cooking and doing dishes! Seeking volunteers who are personable, easygoing, and have a good work ethic.  Preference will be given to those who are exploring a desire to farm, and wish to learn the profession.   Thank you, we sincerely appreciate your willingness to volunteer. Lori and Ben.

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