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Lori Sands ( Partner)

Lori is the head farmer, dreamer, planner. Loves singing, canoeing, dancing in the kitchen, earthworms,  the philosophy of Ivan Illich,  our creek,  and Donna the Buffalo. The Dead.  Looking forward to being a Crone.

Ben Shaevitz (Partner)

When he is not farming, sailing, climbing or biking, Ben is a physics professor at Slippery Rock University.  Loves sailing the best, but also iceboating, climbing, mountaineering, salad, cats, the woods,  The Dead, and Miles Davis.  Looking forward to a climbing trip to Pakistan.

Photo(s) added: Dahlias, Vibrant DahliasAugust 23rd, 2013

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New Showcase: This Week at Silver WheelMarch 11th, 2013

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New Showcase: Winter Snows and Scenes: Jan 2013January 6th, 2013

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